The best foods for your hair and skin

Collection from many fruits and jusices in glasses on white

Collection from many fruits and jusices in glasses on white

We all know how important is a healthy lifestyle to our wellbeing . But I never really knew how big of an impact does healthy nutrition leaves when it comes to your hair.

Originally I am from beautiful Lithuania. I always had really fine and thin hair. Oh boy, how much did I admired all of those girls who was blessed with beautiful hair.  I had it all, you name it. From perms to keratin straighteners, night-time roles, even tissue paper curls did it work?

Well kind of.  Definitely not the perms, that was a bad, bad choice. I remember, one of my dear friend told me that there is this guy who can do amazing perm on my hair and make me look like Beyoncé . Yes, I really wanted the hair like Beyoncé’s. Thick and bouncy, just the way she has it.

That perm ruined my hair really badly, and smelled even worst. In fact, it was so bad that my husband had to sleep on the sofa for the next 3 nights. So, no more perms for me.

Being vegan. Oh yes!

It made such a big difference to my hair. I can’t even describe how much more Shiner and a lot thicker they  had become.  For the past few years I became a lot more healthier . I added a lot more  green smoothies and juices in to my diet. Within a month or less I started to notice how much more energy I had. I used to work as a cabin crew, prior to moving in Hong Kong . I loved every bit of it, but also I  couldn’t help but feel out of balance a lot of the time. Thats one of the reasons I became pure vegan.  And now its time to share those fruits and veggies which gives you a glowing shin and beautiful hair.

My go to fruits for beautiful hair.

Citrus fruits. Fruits like lemons, oranges,limes and grapefruits is an excellent source of vitamin C. One of the best ways to ensure healthy hair is to get enough vitamin C, because is a major antioxidant that is essential to the production of skin collagen .



This fruit comes loaded with silica – a component that’s known to prevent baldness and aid hair growth.

Apples. Would like to prevent hair loss? Apples would be just one you need.  

Guava is also a natural source of vitamin C. Also, if your hair suffers from breakage then this fruit is just what you need. One cup of Guava has 337 g of vitamin C.

Papaya. One more fruit, which is full of vitamin C and protein. Other health benefits of Papaya.

Protection against heart disease,

immune support,

Anti inflammatory,

Promotes digestive Health.

Tomatoes. They are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are also effective cell repairing agents. If your hair is lacking shine then tomatoes are your go to fruit.

Nuts. Lack of protein can make your hair dry and not as shiny as you would love them to be. Since I am vegan I don’t take any meat or fish. Many times I had been asked, where do you get your protein from? My answer would be. Nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies.

My favorite nuts would be.







Beetroot.  Also a great vegetable to include in your diet if you would like to grow your hair a lot faster.

Cucumber. What an amazing vegetable, not only for your skin but also for the hair. It’s not only extremely rehydrating vegetable but also full of vitamins and minerals.

Spinach, Spinach and more spinach. It’s not only full of Iron and has tons of vitamin A but also has plenty of vitamin C, Folate and beta carotene.

Garlic. Garlic contains a very high sulfur content, which is considered best for hair re-growth.

Avocados. Foods rich in biotin, a member of the vitamin B complex, may help prevent hair loss, which can help you maintain a head of healthy, strong hair.

Avocado has plenty of vitamin B. To ensure your hair growth and prevent  hair shedding would be a great idea to include avocado in to your daily diet.


Thank you very much for stoping by and I am open to any question and suggestions. Have a lovely day, Renata.