Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions


Taking care of your hair extensions.

Disclaimer. These methods could be applied to all types of  hair extensions,  but I am referring mostly to the clip ins, same as sew ins hair extensions.

Taking a good care of your hair extensions  it is extremely important. By following these 4 simple steps not only prolongs the life of your hair extensions but also saves you tons of money.

Do not worry, I will not overload you with endless amount of information on how to wash, hydrate, brush and store your hair extensions.

Yes, there is plenty of good… and not so good information regarding this topic, but I only shoot for the top 4 tips on how to take care of your extensions,  so your locks will remain in an excellent condition until you are ready to kiss them goodbye and get a new pair.

Dry, damaged and raggy looking hair extensions is not a good picture, lets admit it ladies,  better of without it  if that’s the case.

Thats why in this blog post I will be covering 4 most important steps that every hair extensions owner should take in order to look,  and feel your best, while wearing your favorite extensions.

So lets begin ladies.

  1. How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Before you begin washing your hair extensions, you must to ensure they are free of any knots and tangles . Having knots in your hair extensions can lead to breakage which leads to damaged hair extensions.

Before you start applying shampoo try to brush your hair extensions with a wide tooth comb. Be gentle and  do not pull or twist the hair  while doing so.

Luke warm water is the perfect temperature for your hair. Very warm or hot water just dries out and damages your hair. Remember…   natural oils of your hair will not reach the tips of your hair extensions that’s why conditioning them  regularly  extremely important.

Try to use natural  shampoos and conditioners for your hair.  Sulfate free hair products  would be preferred choice, since  sulfate removes natural oils that your hair needs to stay healthy by leaving them dry and damaged looking.

While washing your hair extensions try not to rub them together. Rubbing and twisting your hair extensions can lead them to tangle. Do not rush, take your time and  ensure your hair is well washed before we move to the next step… Conditioning.


    2. How To Condition Your Hair Extensions

Conditioning your hair extensions  must be taken seriously. You just can’t skip this step. As I have mentioned it earlier about natural oils not reaching the  tips of your hair extensions, thats why conditioning them is very important.

Again, sulfate free conditioners would be ideal choice but hey… I get it, not everyone has access to it. For years I used different kinds of conditioners from natural to not so. As long as you moisturize your hair regulary then that what is matters the most.

Every now and again I leave a mask or deep conditioner over night if I feel that my hair extensions feels a little bit thirsty.

Always apply generous amount of hair conditioner, but try not to apply to the scalp since can losing the tracks or make your hair oily a lot faster.

For extra hydration apply few drops of organ or coconut oil . This process best done when the hair is dry, few drops of oil would be more than enough.  I have been using it for years and can’t imagine my life without them.

And finally, shot of cold water closes hair cuticles by leaving them nice and shiny.

   3. How To Brush Your Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair extensions regularly prevents them from tangling and knotting. No one like tangled and knotty hair… I mean no one.

Having silky smooth hair is every girls dream, so pick up that hair brush and run through your hair extensions  regularly.

To brush your hair extensions I would suggest with a loop brush, styling comb or a wide tooth comb. You can get them basically at  any beauty supplier store.

And finally… Time to store your beautiful hair extensions.

   4. How To Store Your Hair Extensions.

Luckily, our Renata’s Hair Extensions comes in hair extensions carrier. Placing hair in a carrier bag will improve the lifespan of your hair extensions  by providing extra protection while they are not in use.

Do not worry, if you do not have hair extensions carrier, you can place them in any kind of box or a package, so they  remain nice and flat .

And lastly, store your hair extensions in a dry place. Placing hair under direct sunlight only causes them to fade. Unless you like them kind of lady looking…

Note : Love your hair extensions as your own hair, because  they are yours  after all. 

Thank you for visiting. Renata