Lemon benefits for the hair

Delicious lemon juice in glass and limes next to it isolated on white

By now most of you might know how great lemons are when it comes to health and beauty. There is an endless amount of information on how lemons contributes to a healthy looking skin, vibrant energy and and  the body which is  free of toxins.

What about the hair? Well, I was pleasantly surprised how amazing lemons are for those locks which has been damaged, weak ,dry or just need an extra care to look and feel silky soft, smooth and healthy.

So, where can you incorporate lemon in to?

The answer is simple, pretty much with any ingredient from your own  kitchen.

I have done lots of researches and chose the easiest DIY receipts. So lets begin.

Lemons has high content of vitamin C and also encloses folic acid, vitamin B and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium and calcium with it. Thats why I have decided to incorporate lemons in to a DIY hair masks.


Scalp exfoliation.

 Once in a while we all need to exfoliate our scalp from all of the build up shampoos, conditioners, masks, sprays and so on.

Lemon Juices possesses natural exfoliation properties.

It’s very easy to use.

For this scrub for scalp exfoliation you need to make a uniform mixture of equal quantities of lemon juice and white vinegar. Massage on your scalp for about ten minutes for gently cleansing your scalp.

Its simple as that, but makes such a big difference after this treatment.


Hair lightening

Not everyone wants go to the salon to highlight their hair. Sometimes you just want few lighter strikes all over your head without paying crazy amount of money.

So whats needed for this hair lightening treatment?  Just water and lemon.

Mix equal amount of water with equal amount of fresh lemon juice in to a spraying bottle and spray the areas of your hair that you would like to be lightened.

Some websites claim that the water should be warm, some says that it doesn’t really matter. But both mixtures give you great results to begin with.

Also, dark brown colored hair takes a lot more time and effort to make them lighter, while not as dark colors makes it  a lot easier.

Once you sprayed your hair with the mixture sit outside in the sun.


Do not stay in the sun for longer then 60 minutes and don’t forget sunscreen.

Also remember, this type of hair lightening it’s still bleaching. You must replenish oils in your hair once you ash your hair in the shower.

Perfect way to do so is apply small amount of coconut oil or leaving conditioner for those silky smooth locks.