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First of all, I would like to welcome you to my website. My name is Renata and I am here to introduce you to my hair extension line.

I understand! You want to look stylish and gorgeous and guess what? The hair we provide is going to do just that. Let me tell you some facts about the hair extensions we offer:

Our hair is thick and beautiful. It originates from Cambodia which is our personal preference for sourcing the most beautiful hair in this industry. We do guarantee that each product originates from a single donor, and all hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. That’s why our hair will not tangle, shed or mat. (As long as you care for the hair as per our guidelines).

Our extensions are always double drawn and double sewn which is a key part of making gorgeous hair. The hair is fuller

fuller and thicker from top to bottom and will not shed giving you the confidence that your hair looks fabulous all the time. 

All of our extensions are 150 grams and 22 inches.

At Renatas Hair Extensions, our products are both virgin and processed virgin depending on which product you purchase. My passion for hair extensions is fanatical, and I only want to be honest with you as the customer. Whether you are buying our extensions for yourself, as a gift or for resale, I want to be clear with you how our products are manufactured.

All of our straight hair extensions are 100% virgin.

Our wavy and curly extensions are 100% virgin but have been steam treated to ensure identical waves and curls.


Curly and wavy extensions must be machine pressed to achieve perfect curls and waves. Without machine pressing, it is impossible to create identical, perfect waves or curls. After being treated, the extensions are no longer considered “Virgin.” In my eyes they are, ‘treated’ Virgin hair extensions. Not many companies admit that, but I do. It is my mission to be completely honest with you and deliver the best hair extensions on the market today.

About us background


All 3 textures of extensions had to undergo a softening and waving or curling process.

Even straight Cambodian hair extensions have to undergo a slight softening process. The hair is naturally very thick so they need to be steamed to give the hair that silky smooth texture.

But nothing to be worried about, the hair is always excellent quality.

You can confidently buy our wavy, curly and straight Cambodian extensions in the knowledge that have simply been steam treated to achieve those beautiful curls and waves.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your beautiful and gorgeous life,